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UKHKA 227 Chunky Crochet

UKHKA 227 Chunky Crochet

Fudge's Wool & Haberdashery
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Beanie Hat & Fingerless Mitts in Chunky Yarn

Style 1 and 2 Long Hat Depth - 33cm
Round 50cm
Style 3 Short Hat
Depth - 25cm
Round 50cm
Style 1 and 3 Long Mitts

Depth 30cm 
Round 22cm

Style 2 Short Mitts

Depth 18cm
Round 22cm


 Yarn Requirements - Chunky Yarn

 Set 1 Long Hat and Mitts
A Cream - 48g
B Parchment - 40g
C Mushroom - 25g
Set 2 Long Hat and Mitts A Purple - 70g
B Deep Purple - 43g
C Magenta - 43g
Set 3 Short Hat and Mitts A Royal Blue - 70g
B Gold - 65g
C Teal - 65g

You will also need

  • 1 6mm Crochet Hook
  • Sewing Needle