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WYS Lapland Blanket Crochet Along

I know, it's a little early to be thinking about Christmas and perhaps a little to warm for blankets!

Really excited to share with you the new West Yorkshire Spinners crochet along which will be starting on the 6th September. I really love Mosaic Crochet I adore this yarn and It's going to be super warm.

If you would like to pre - order this yarn bundle do get in touch, the bundle is live on the website but do be aware this is a pre - order and we will send it out to you in time for the first instalment released on the 6th September 2023.

If you aren't comfortable with downloading patterns we are always happy to help and you are are always welcome along to one of our stitch aways if you would like any help with making the blanket. 

Right, I'm off to sit in the shade with a cool drink, enjoy the sunshine, love having a garden at work! 

Tori and Cara


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