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Wimbledon Challenge

Wimbledon Challenge

Love it or hate it, Monday 27th June is the start of Wimbledon. Fun fact, Wimbledon also celebrates 100 years of Centre Court this year.

Usually we go a bit quiet at this time as many of you hide away to watch it. This year we thought we would set you a challenge that you can start whilst watching the matches on T.V or even live at Wimbledon!

There are not many rules and there is a prize to be won!

1: We will release a crochet square pattern and a knitted square pattern on our blog on the website each day throughout Wimbledon.
2: You can make your squares in any weight yarn and make as many squares as you like, for example you might make one of each square or pick 3 squares and make lots of those.
4: You can use any hook or needle size you like and as few or as many colours as you like.
3: The challenge is to see what you make with your squares e.g cushion, blanket, garment, toilet seat cover. Be creative!
4: At the end of the challenge email or message us photos of your finished item or bring in to the shops for photos.
5: Photos will be shared on our social media and website and the public will vote on their favourite. A prize will be given for the winner and runner up.

Important Dates
Monday 27th June 2022 - First of the daily patterns released 
Sunday 10th July 2022 - Last of the daily patterns released
Saturday 6th August 2022 - Deadline for photos to be submitted to us via email, messenger or brought into the shop for photographs
Monday 8th August - Saturday 13th August 2022 - public vote on social media and website
Monday 15th August 2022 - Winner & Runner Up announced
Winner - a discount code for £20 will be issued to be used in store or on the website
Runner Up - a discount code for £10 will be issued to be used in store or on the website.

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