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When The Storm Has Passed - Crochet placemat and coasters

At the start of 2020 I started to design a mandala/placemat. Then Covid struck and although I finished the design I never got round to writing it up. I initially made a placemat and 2 coasters. Today I am sharing the pattern with you finally!!

These would look fabulous on the table indoors or for outside dining or could be attached to hoops and turned into mandalas.

There are several places where you can stop to make coasters and smaller mats.

Although I have used one solid yarn colour there is no reason why this couldn’t be made in more than one colour.

When the storm has passed crochet placemat & coasters 

Yarn: crochet cotton or 4ply cotton (I have used Rico Crochet cotton, Adriafil uno ritarto no 5 & King Cole Giza 4ply cotton - all 50g)

Hook: 3mm

Abbreviations: UK terms

ch = chain, ss = slip stitch, dc = double crochet, htr = half treble, tr = treble, dtr = double treble, ttr = triple treble

* = repeat instruction

Round 1: Chain 5 and join to make a circle (or use a magic circle)

Ch1, 12 dc and join to first dc. (12dc)

Round 2: Ch4 (counts as one treble and one chain) *1tr, 1ch in each dc. Join to 3rd chain (12 trebles & 12 Ch spaces)

Round 3:  Ss to ch space

Ch4 (counts as one treble and one chain), 1 treble in same chain space.

*Ch1, tr, ch1 in next chain space. Repeat. 

Ch1 and join to 3rd chain. (24 tr, 24 ch1 spaces)

Round 4: Ss into the ch1 space just behind where you joined

*Chain 7. Skip the next (1 tr, 1ch & 1 tr) and dc into next ch space.(12 ch space loops & 12 dc). Ss into next chain loop.

Round 5: Ch1 (does not count as a stitch)

*7dc in each chain loop. Join to first dc. (84 dc)

Round 6: Ss to 4th dc 

*7 ch and ss to 4th dc of next loop

Join to beginning ss. (12 loops)

Round 7: Ss to first loop.

Ch1, *dc, htr, tr, dtr, tr, htr, dc all in loop.

Ss to first dc (84 stitches)


Stop here for a small coaster.


Round 8: 4chain, tr in next st, htr in next, dc in next, htr in next, tr in next, dtr in next.

*dtr in next st, tr in next, htr in next, dc in next, htr in next, tr in next, dtr in next. Join to top of chain 4. (84 stitches)


Stop here for a slightly larger coaster.

Round 9: *14 chain, skip 6 stitches and ss in top of dtr.

Ss in beginning ss. (12 loops)

Round 10: Ss into 1st loop.

Ch1 *14dc  in each loop

Ss to first dc (168 dc)


Stop here for a small mat


Round 11: *Ch8, skip 6dc, dtr in 7th dc,  ch8, skip 6 ss into next stitch

Ss to join ( 12dtr, 24 loops)

Round 12: Ss in next chain loop.

Ch3, 5tr in first loop, ch 2, 6tr in next loop

*1ch, 6tr in loop, 2ch, 6tr in next loop.

Ch1, ss to top of ch 3 (144 tr, 12 ch 1, 12 ch2)

Round 13: Ss to ch2 space.

*Ch20, ss in next chain 2 space (missing 6tr,ch1 space, 6tr)

Ss to beginning ch space (12 loops)

Round 14: Ss to ch loop

*4dc, ttr in ch1 space missed in last round 13, 4dc around chain loop, ttr in same ch space as previous ttr, 4dc around chain loop. Repeat around and join to first dc. 


Round 15: Ch1, dc in all stitches. (168 dc)

Round 16: Ch1 htr in all stitches join to beginning htr (168)

Round 17: Ch1

*Dc, htr, tr, tr & dtr  in next stitch, dtr & tr  in next stitch, tr, htr, dc. Join to first dc ( 210)

Round 18: Ss along to first dtr. Ch1.

*dc in each of the two dtrs. Chain 10. Join to first dc.(42 dc, 21 loops)

Round 19: ch1, *htr in next 2 dc. 10 htr in chain loop. (252 htr)

Fasten off and sew in ends.

We would love to see your makes

Cara x

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