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What knitwear do teenagers like?

We have a work experience student this week in the Cullompton shop and I thought it would be interesting to find out what kind of knitwear and colours she would like. So, first task today was to go through the Ladies DK folder for inspiration.

She chose these three patterns.

"I like the patterns on the cardigan and the buttonslook  unique on the side of the cardigan, the yellow in particular is a nice compliment to it's design and it is nice for the winter or the summer."

"I like the stripes on the jumper and the purple lines it makes it stand out with the white.The length is good as well because it is good for the winter as it keeps you warm, it has a nice material to it and it's soft you can have any colour."

This was her favourite DK pattern

"I like the style of the top with the diamond patterns and the colour of the cardign.The short top with the cardigan really brings out the patterns and what it is.The short top is good for the summer and you can have it in any colour you want. The short top also comes with a cardigan which is a good fit for the short top."

I asked Amelia-Rose to pick out some colours and work out the cost to make her favourite in each of the yarns.

SPECIAL D.K is 100% Acrylic,100g balls.The top will cost between £4.40 and £8.80 to make depending on size and length. The cardigan would cost between £13.20 and £17.60. The whole set would be between £17.60 and £26.40.

REGINA D.K 100% merino, 50g ball. It would cost between £15.80 and £31.60 to make the top depending on the size and length.The cardigan would cost between £43.45 and £55.30.The whole set would be between £59.25 and £86.90.

KING COLE PARADISE BEACHES 100% acrylic and 100g balls. The top will cost between £7.90 and £15.80 to make. Between £23.70 and £31.60 for the cardigan and between £31.60 and £47.40 for the set.

WYS COLOUR LAB 100g ball,100% wool. The top cost between £13 and £26 to make.The cardigan will cost btween £39 and £52 to make and the whole set between £52 and £78.

JAMES C BRETT D.K WITH MERINO 100g ball 70% acrylic, 20% soft polymide 10% merino.To make the top will cost between £7.20 and £14.40. between £25.20 and £28.80 for the cardigan and between £32.40 and £43.20 for the set.

ADRIAFIL SEDICI 50g ball, 260 metres,75% wool, 25% polyamide. It costs between £15.70 and £31.40 for the top, between £39.25 and £54.95 for the cardigan and between £5.95 and £86.35 for the whole set. 

(Prices are accurate at time of publishing)

Thank you Amelia-Rose!


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  • It’s interesting to see a teenager’s choice of patterns and colours. I’m not patient enough to knit big garments, but enjoy knitting hats – I’d love to know what patterns and colours Amelia-Rose would choose for a knitted hat!


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