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Star decoration Challenge! Please help!

This year the Christmas lights in Cullompton are being switched on in the Lower Bullring and I have been asked if it would be possible to decorate the two lime trees that stand either side of where the Christmas tree will be. Of course I love a challenge and a tight deadline so I am asking for your help 😀.

 I am looking for willing volunteers to knit and crochet some snowflakes/stars by the 19th November so that I can string them together and decorate the trees.

I have found some links to some patterns at the end of the post but you can use your own favourite pattern if you prefer. Shapes that are fairly solid would be great.

Soft winter colours from your stash would be great too like the ones in the image below.

Please send/drop off at the Cullompton shop by the 19th November.

Big thanks in advance!

Knitting Patterns

Star 1

Star 2

Crochet Patterns

Star 3

Star 4


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