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Summer crafting

“Oh, nobody knits in the summer, it’s a winter thing.” We would be millionaires if we had a £1 for every time we hear this at this time of year 😂.

However, now is the perfect time to be crafting particularly if you want that warm sweater by the winter.

If it’s the heat that is bothering you then look to smaller projects to brighten your garden.

It doesn’t have to take long to whip up something colourful or useful such as bunting, cushions, coasters, tea light holders etc. Last night I quickly created a cover for an old glass jar I had to make a perfect tea light holder. I will be sharing a “guide” on how to create your own in the next couple of days once I suss out how to adapt for different sized jars.

In the meantime, why not create a bit of art to hang on a wall such as a mandala that can be attached to a hoop, or a macrame wall hanging?

This macrame heart wall hanging would look great in t-shirt yarn as well as macrame rope or string. It could be bunting or stand alone. The pattern is 

Macrame Heart Wall Hanging - By Isabella Strambio

This is a lovely lace knitted wall hanging which I quite fancy trying myself. The pattern is

Knitted wall hanging pattern - Sarah Murray

Finally, Crochet Mandalas are always popular and I personally have plans for a massive one in the garden at home. This is a lovely pattern 

Spirit Mandala - Lila Bjorn

Happy garden crafting and check back for more ideas!

Cara x

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