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EEK! I Designed a Pattern


So, at the beginning of August we had some lovely new squishiness delivered from Adriafil. Three new yarns arrived, Woolcot (DK, cotton & wool blend), Obelix (super chunky, 80% wool) and the super soft Sogno (Chunky, 70% alpaca).

The Sogno caught my eye and I knew I wanted something soft made from it that would only take a ball or two. I fell down the Ravelry rabbit hole for a few days but couldn’t quite find what I wanted. It is well known that Tori is the knitter and I am the crocheter. It’s also well known that I don’t do pairs. I avoid anything with sleeves for that very reason 😂. So for that reason I believe there must have been wine involved when I decided to design my own knitted pair of wrist warmers!

So, I turned to a handy book to look at stitch patterns and was torn between cable or lace.

In the end lace won (mainly due to stitch count 😂). I had hoped to make the mittens out of one ball but it wasn’t to be. As a result I had quite a bit of the second ball left over and so the idea of a cosy headband was born. I knew there wouldn’t be enough yarn left over for a hat and I personally prefer a headband to keep my delicate ears warm!

The end result is a cosy pair of wrist warmers and a headband perfect for winter. There is also the option of adding buttons to attach a face mask, perfect for winter shopping 2020 style. The pattern can be downloaded via the button below free for a limited time or can be printed in the shops. I hope you enjoy the Strudel pattern!

(Thank you to the hubster, James, for naming them after one of his favourite puddings, Apple Strudel 🥰).

Cara x

Strudel Pattern 

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