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Cullompton Poppies

5 years ago we started the poppy project with Cullompton Arts House. The aim was to decorate the trees around the War Memorial and the Memorial Garden by the library with knitted, crocheted and felt poppies made by the local community and school children for Remembrance.

Each year we have washed and detangled the existing poppies and added new donations.

Sadly over the past couple of years the poppies have weathered quite a few storms and after 5 years they are all looking rather beaten, faded and quite frankly have seen better days.

We would be ever so grateful for donations of red or purple knitted or crocheted poppies so we can renew the display this year. The display usually goes up around about the last week of October so we will have plenty of time between now and then to string them together.

I have yet to find the patterns we usually use after the big “make the shop COVID secure” move around so have put links to some patterns below until I can add ours. Pattern buttons are at the end of this post.

For a crochet poppy by Catherine Adamson then click on the crochet button.

For a knitted poppy by Clare Crouch then click on the knit button.

For a Simple knitted poppy by by Wildwood Designs & Creations then click on the simple button.

Please send to the Cullompton shop by 24th October or pop them in to the shop when you are visiting.

Many Thanks, Cara & Tori 😀


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