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Christmas In July - Blankets

So, throughout July we are going to help you get ready for… Christmas. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about this beginning to make gifts and decorations. We are going to start the month with links to bigger, longer term projects and then end the month with quick makes and aim for a mix of easy to more advanced designs. There are so many patterns out there it is really hard to decide what to include in this round up. We have chosen 10 Knitting patterns and 10 Crochet patterns. Five of each are free links and the other five are paid patterns on Ravelry that can be bought through our in store pattern sales (which we can do via email, phone as well as in store). To kickstart the month we are thinking blankets. Best advice, start now! Do not suddenly decide at the end of October that you will make 2 blankets for Christmas. Unless you are super speedy they won’t both get completed (decided to try this last year and failed 😂). We can help substitute yarns.

IMG_0046.jpeg IMG_0044.jpeg IMG_0038.jpeg1. Ruby Hexagon Blanket by Nova Seals

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